Sirius is your source for natural and organic cosmetic creations. Nature is your inspiration – Sirius adapts it to fit your needs. With Sirius, «nature conforms to all your desires »…

The use of natural and organic ingredients in cosmetic products has become a crucial element in economic, competitive and public health terms.

3 reasons to choose products manufactured by Sirius laboratories :
  • Ethical : Sirius passionately believes in producing durable, conscientious and responsible creations
  • Ecological : our products are designed to exclusively use organic ingredients and are manufactured in respect of the environment.
  • Efficiency : Sirius has 25 years of experience and satisfied clientele. In order to best respond to the everyday needs of our clients, our products are designed and tested to obtain an optimal level of efficiency, while ensuring their healthful effects on people and the environment.

Production of organic and natural cosmetics

  • Skin and Body Care
  • Cleansing Products
  • Spa Treatments

Aromatherapy and well-being

  • for body and mind
  • for the home
  • for pets

Custom-tailored products for well-being

  • dietary supplements
  • herbal teas
All of Sirius’ products respect the standards for biological cosmetics as set by the independent organization Ecocert, requiring ingredients to be from an organic source. Cosmébio, a professional French association promoting ecological and organic cosmetics, assembles all brands in the same domain under the same label. Products that are labeled as organic must give priority to three essential criterion: quality, amount of ingredients, and the process of manufacturing. BioCosmétiques are guaranteed to be 100% free of parabènes, Phenoxyethanol, silicones, petrochemical oils and minerals, colorants, synthetic perfumes, and animal products, nor are our products tested on animals.

Since 2007, Sirius has been manufacturing organic cosmetics at the request of our clientele. We specialize in custom-tailored production, involving the design, fabrication and packaging of products according to a client’s needs.

A force of invention

One of the most important attributes of Sirius resides in our capacity to exploit technological opportunities and apply them to our products, allowing us to offer the most innovative items and packaging available. Additionally, we work throughout the year in close collaboration with our suppliers, bringing a particular attention to the development of our modes of consumption. Sirius is thus in a superior position to propose to its clients products that are especially pertinent and innovative, while in keeping with international standards.

Design with imagination

Because a product is conceived of in the spirit of its designer, Sirius privileges and encourages innovation. This accumulated expertise now allows us to open up a range of possibilities for our clients, in response to their particular wants (goals, usage, costs…). This phase of conception leads to the creation of a sample formula that lends itself to being tested and developed. By maximizing the use of our know-how in the creation of new products, Sirius is able to offer to its clients the benefits of a comprehensive performance, accomplished at each step in the spirit of collaboration, responsibility and the strictest confidence.

Fabrication with precision

Because the most innovative products are nothing without the perfect command of the process that results in a successful production, Sirius places fabrication and manufacturing at the core of its profession. From the selection of ingredients to the quality of the finished product, each of the several steps in the process of fabrication is implemented to detect as early as possible the smallest deviance between a product and its initial specifications. The use of the most modern tools for production permits Sirius to offer to its clients the benefit of industrial innovation. Thus, in entrusting us with the responsibility of product manufacturing, each client can count on the utmost competence of the Sirius team, without reservation. We guarantee to our clients that the final products we produce will conform to the highest quality and standards.