Sirius has partnered with a diverse group of artisanal distilleries: in France, the Comoros, Madagascar, Uganda, Guinea, China, Morocco, Australia, Iran, Indonesia, Algeria, Zanzibar, India, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldavia, Tahiti, etc. and we continue to strengthen our network of partnerships.

In perpetual development, our import network is one of our most important assets. At present, several countries constitute this network of exporting countries for essential oils and aromatic products. These exporters are selected in accordance with rigorous standards for the quality of their raw materials and the precision of their modes of production. We maintain privileged relations with our partners, including the exchange of know-how and the creation of new areas of development.

Steeped in the experience of several years in the production of essential oils as well the preparation and harvest of vanilla, Sirius provides to its clients an experience of more than 25 years in the research of new sources, the participation and amelioration of fabrication, distillation and extractions, the structure of quality of new suppliers throughout the world: supervision, quality, control and value.